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  1. The holster business sold! (I'm still doing slings and belts)

    Online ordering is up now. He just does not do email and such. I know that some of my old customers are spoiled with me being online 23.5 hours a day! Andy
  2. The holster business sold! (I'm still doing slings and belts)

    Fellow NES'r's's, Some of you know that my holster business has been for sale, it has a SUPERB new owner who has 3 generations of leatherworkers in his family. He took over as part of the package and will be adding a full line of revolver holsters soon. He is NOT high tech...
  3. Belt for IWB, Nylon/Synthetic as good as leather?

    I'm friends with the folks at Wilderness, they use their own weave and hardware. Good stuff. (harass them for me when you order)
  4. Belt for IWB, Nylon/Synthetic as good as leather?

    I'm having a bit of a sale on belts too! $40 bucks, bridle leather with a wide choice of buckles. Golddiggies belts will be on the bench this weekend! (thanks for the mention). Andy
  5. Do holsters wear out & need replacement?

    Yes, absolutely. Leather will wear over time and loose it's stiffness and molding. Just like everything else in the world, it will wear. A little care will slow this process down. The applies for belts, bags, car seats and other leather items. Regards, Andy Holster maker....
  6. WTS Want to be a famous holster maker? Let's talk...

    I'm busy as heck with the rifle sling portion of my business, Ruger, Steyr, Brownells, Acme, AH Larsen, all carry my gear now. I would love to sell the holster side of my business, turn key, ready to go, website, URLs, ALL the equipment, everything (training and after sale support too). Note...
  7. Cz scorpion

    Buy it... seriously!
  8. WTS 08 Moto Guzzi Breva 750 (NH)

    The V-Strom is sold pending funds. Price drop on the Moto Guzzi, $4000.
  9. The first American-made Kalashnikovs are now for sale

    Who has pricing??
  10. WTS A house for under $50K *(northern NH)

    Bump.... two weeks and I am OUTTA here! Need a house? Let's talk!
  11. WTS A business...Want to be a famous holster maker? Let's chat

    I'll be backing off this sale until I am setting in North Carolina (July!). Packing up the shop in the next couple of weeks for the move. Andy
  12. WTS A house for under $50K *(northern NH)

    Bump. We'll be closing on the house in NC at the beginning of July! I'm MOTIVATED to sell! Andy
  13. WTS 08 Moto Guzzi Breva 750 (NH)

    The Move-To-NorthCarolina bike sale: We are escaping to NC shortly, in order to ease some of the moving expense and logisitcal nightmare of all this we are putting the bikes up for sale. SOLD PENDING $$$. 2002 DL1000 V-Strom 54,432 miles (and increasing as I ride it). Corbin seat, bags and top...
  14. WTS A house for under $50K *(northern NH)

    NES'r's, We'll be moving to North Carolina soon! The house is for sale, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, newer pellet stove ( 3 tons per winter), washer/dryer, stove, fridge. Move in ready. Not shown is the attached shop and office area where the leather biz is run. $49,500 I just listed it with a...
  15. WTS A business...Want to be a famous holster maker? Let's chat

    Bump to the top. Pop me an email if interested. Andy
  16. WTS A business...Want to be a famous holster maker? Let's chat

    NES'r's, I am selling the holster business. Business is such that I cannot run BOTH the sling and holster biz's concurrently. This is a complete business, everything needed to continue operations, website, inventory, every piece of equipment needed (and leather, tools etc). Info page...
  17. Leather Holster Treatment?

    I'm a holster maker... Try lexol (NOT the cleaner made by the same company). A wet a sloth run some on, let it soak in for a few days. Keep the cloth in a zip lock bag for future use. DO NOT OVER USE any product. It'll ruin the leather. Andy
  18. WTS 4 oven AGA Cooker, British Racing Green

    Up for sale is our pride and joy, a 4 oven AGA Cooker in British Racing Green. This is our daily stove that we use and love it. It runs great, has a few chips in the enamel but is in superb shape. $4000 OBRO. Located in Berlin NH. If you are local, stop in to try it out! Interested trades plus...
  19. WTS Pelican 0370 and two briefcases

    If you have been to a show then you have seen this case when I haul all my stuff in with it! (it doubles as my motorcycle gear/lockable back o' truck-box). 2 by 2 by 2 with handles and latches. Used but seals nicely. $200. Pickup only in Berlin NH. (truck is sold, it won't fit in the Jetta...
  20. Cracked leather sling

    Some cleaners can be harsh on the leather and strip any remaining emollients out. If the leather is fairly clean, start applying whatever potion you like that has oils/fats in it to re-feed the leather. You might find that lexol absorbs faster into the leather than your KoCho. Andy
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