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  1. Boating 2021

    So. I hate money and bought a boat. If they are gonna shut world down, I guess it's time to adapt and overcome. Anyone have advice on decent public ramps in Massachusetts? I haven't had a ton of luck with Google finding anything other than DCR stuff that is useless. 09 Bayliner 185 fixing...
  2. WTS Complete PSA Upper w/scope & light

    Its a 16" PSA 1:8 twist 5.56 upper with 15" keymod rail. It has a Streamlight ProTac HLX light with pressure pad. Leupold VXR 1.25-4 Firedot in a Aero ultralight mount. No BCG/Charging Handle. Its been a good upper and has signs of use.... because I shoot. Price is based off used eBay...
  3. WTS Steiner OTAL-IR

    Bought this, but decided to go in a different direction. It doesn't come with mount, but has been tested and fully functional. You pay what I paid. $380 ftf in Worcester or $390 shipped with PayPal
  4. WTS Sordin MSA Supreme Pro X

    I am moving on to comm enabled headsets, so my Sordins are up for grabs. They have gel cups, and a mount for a Contour Roam Camera on side. $200 ftf in Worcester or $210 shipped with PayPal PM if interested
  5. WTT PS5 NBA 2K21 Disc Version

    This came with the bundle that I got kiddos for Christmas. Looking to trade for anything, but priority will go to: CyberPunk, Demon Souls, or GodFall. The disc wasn't sealed in the bundle, but no one has touched it. PM if interested.
  6. WTB Mossberg 930 SPX

    Title says it all...I'm looking for a 930 SPX. I don't have a preference on pistol grip or color. PM if you are looking to sell one.
  7. WTS Bushnell Forge 2.5-15x Deploy MOA SFP $475

    Came with a rifle I just bought. Its in excellent shape, but a bit much for what I need. Comes with 30mm rings manual, scope cover, flip up caps, and sun shade. $475 ftf in Worcester or Rutland Cash, PayPal, Vermont, or Cash App
  8. WTB NJATC - Building a Foundation in Mathematics

    Edit: Solved! Thanks @appraiser
  9. WTS 2006 R6 parts

    I have the following off a 2006 R6: 1. Full stock exhaust (headers and midpipe) with shorty pipe, as well as a stock R6 slip on. $100 2. Luimoto Seat Covers. They may fit several model years. They are red/black. Installed but barely ridden on. $100 3. Voodoo Industries slip on...
  10. Motorcycle Parts: Exhaust & Seat Cover

    A couple things that I'm swapping out.... Everything came off a 2006 R6 1. Set of Luimoto seat covers (black/red) for pilot/passenger. It's the anniversary edition covers. $125 Basically brand new, although they were installed. 2. Full Stock Exhaust - Comes with stock slip on and a...
  11. Academy/Bootcamp funny story thread

    I know you guys have some good ones, as I've seen snippets in other threads.... so have at it. @cams and @Skysoldier I know you guys have seen some funny shit. Regale us :) I'll submit a story from my academy. I went to the state police academy here, and we had a guy that was just a lazy turd...
  12. WTS Sold

  13. WTS Sinn U1

    😐😐😐 I'm selling my Sinn U1 to pay some Bill's. It's been my daily driver for a while and putting it up here for a good home. If interested, DM me and I will send you the eBay link for details. $1500 Cash/Paypal/Venmo/$cashapp
  14. WTS 2004-2006 Yamaha R1 Armour Bodies kit - Drilled/Fitted & Painted

    Armour Bodies Bodywork Yamaha R1 2004-2006 - RevZilla This kit. It's been fitted and painted black(ish) already. It never saw the street or track... my bike has been down for the season. It's just sitting in my basement waiting for someone. You can steal this basically compared to the price...
  15. Parenting. I got one right

    My sons first CJ assignment of year. He chose the article and topic.
  16. WTS 2004-2006 Yamaha R1 Race Bodywork

    71-0425SS Yamaha R1 2004-2006 Pro Series SuperSport I have this for sale. Fits 2004-2006 Yamaha R1. This is race bodywork that removes rear seat. It's been painted AND fitted, and it's ready to go. I don't have pictures with me, but it never saw the road or track. PM if interested. $400...
  17. WTS 2004-2006 Yamaha R1 Armour Bodies race body kit

    I purchased this brand new with the hopes of getting on the track, but life had other plans. It was painted and fitted by an NES legend. the body kit has never seen the road or the track. It was just fitted, and then has been sitting in my basement. 650 obro
  18. WTS MTX dual 12" box with Kicker 600w mono amp $225

    MTX Terminator Dual 12" box with Kicker CXA 600.1 600w mono amp Pm if interested $225
  19. OC Customs Triggers

    I figured I would finally make a thread here for us Glock fanbois. I've been running these triggers for a couple years now. They are a perfect value replacement for mushy stock Glock triggers. I've done almost everything you can do with G triggers... messing with springs... home...
  20. Proud Dad Day

    I took my son to his first IDPA match today. He shot clean, safe, and ended up 10th overall. ☺️ MoBeach IDPA Match December 1 2018 He ran my new G45 right out of the box... Such a talented kid.
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