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  1. Aftermarket Glock mags

    FWIW I tried an ETS and doesnt hold the slide back on last round so i never ordered more.
  2. Amazon won't sell me a BB Gun?

    Tractor supply
  3. Holster issue with shield

    Little Foxx IWB Hybrid Holster (Black Leather) I have one of these, very comfortable at 3-4 o'clock. I just dont use it anymore since I carry appendix now. If interested let me know.
  4. CVS and Walgreens announce changes to firearms policies, ask shoppers to not bring guns in

    Walgreens recently bought out rite aid. Sometime last year.
  5. Fredo Cuomo Loses his Sh*t, awesome video.

    No not at all. That tool is a drama queen.
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