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  1. For all the empty chamber guys

    Maybe a dupe, but ive never seen it posted here before. Good video on why those precious seconds matter. View:
  2. School is giving out hockey pucks in case of active shooter

    Didn't find it as a dupe Oakland University to fight shooters with hockey pucks
  3. BSD holster

    BSD HOLSTERS: Comfort and Quality for Everyday Concealment I just picked one up for a G19 as a simplier/smaller option to my Tier 1 axis with mag holder and didnt find anything on the forum about them so just thought I'd post a quick review. The fit and finish is great, polished edges and...
  4. Raven phantom fans

    Just saw an email that raven is selling some govt. contract overrun phantom bundles. Price is still ridiculous but if anyone is looking. Raven Concealment Systems
  5. Tier 1 Axis holster

    Anyone have one of these? I've been wanting to get one of this style holsters for a while, was going to get the Trex sidecar or Alpha concealment Minatour but then came across the Tier 1 axis. Just looking for some reviews and had a question on the mag setup. AXIS - Custom The center flex...
  6. My best range day yet!

    My son's first time shooting just turned 6, it was awesome. He's a natural! Hit the target his first shot probably about 20-25yds. I tried to post a short video but says file to large IDK I'm not to good at that stuff
  7. CONN man gets 18 months for stabbing attacker

    This is some BS. Connecticut assault victim gets 18 months in jail for stabbing attacker
  8. Shooting in Dighton Ma.

    Not much info yet just happened earlier tonight Teenager shot, killed in Dighton home
  9. S&W "Restricted" parts

    Is there anyway around this BS. Could a gunsmith/armorer get these parts? I called to ask them to send me a new striker for a SD9VE and they say they can't I have to send the gun in, which I would rather not do for a part I can change in a few minutes. Any help appreciated.
  10. "We the people" holsters

    No affiliation, just passing it on. I think it's a new company. Pretty good deal going with code Launch10 their holsters are $24 w free shipping. I ordered 1 for a gun I don't carry very often just to try it out. It's not bad for the money, if anyone is looking for an inexpensive holster...
  11. Shooting on Boston common Not sure how this could happen, no guns on the common? Unless shooter used a musket
  12. Horizontal Mag Holder Recommendation

    Looking to get one with the summer coming, anyone use one?
  13. Raven Vangaurd Question

    Im thinking of ordering the new Vangaurd w/ claw for a Gen 2 G19. the website states there for Gen 3/4. So first question is whats the difference other than a rail? Second, is one review I read said that over time the retention became a little sloppy, so im assuming there is no adjustment, and...
  14. Geco Ammo

    I'm not familiar with this stuff. Is it any good?
  15. scat ID

    Anyone know what animal this would be? I keep finding these little turds on side deck...squirrel? Bird?

    Im not much for appendix carry. I carry my semi autos at 4 oclock, but I find myself carrying my new lcr more and more now cuz it just so damn light to carry and would like to get something for AIWB with a clip(I have a remora). ive been looking at the Highnoon Mr Softy anyone have one? any...
  17. Kalashnikovs new look
  18. Shady roadblock in NJ Ya no need to carry in NJ [rolleyes] What would be the better response here. Shelter in Car or Pee yourself?
  19. new gun shop in SE Ma

    Saw this today on way home Commonwealth Firearms on 138 in Somerset . No affiliation just passing it on, good to see more shops opening around here
  20. citizen stops police officer
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