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  1. Green Again...6th year!

    I really enjoy it here...even if I don't have a lot to say most of the time. Thank You.
  2. Green again. Had to do it again. Another year on the best info/entertainment forum in the North.

    Re-upped for another year. Thanks to everyone who contributes the this site...and oh ya...Derek and the Admins get an "atta boy" as well, of course. ;)
  3. Any members of Plymouth Rod & Gun Club here?

    I am on the waiting list to become a member there. According to George my name could come up in February to finally get in. If it happens, I need a sponsor. I am a stable and responsible person who understands and respects range safety and am willing to meet you in person so you can decide if...
  4. Almost let it slip...Green Again

    I haven't logged in very often over the last few months, but had to stay green. This place is just too good. Thanks.
  5. Third Year Green

    Moved back northeast two and a half years ago...staying green for year #3. Thanks for all the great resources and info. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to a forum event this year.
  6. Re-upped for another year in green

    Year 2 back in New England year 2 on NES. I enjoy reading the thoughts and opinions on NES and believe it's worth supporting. I try to limit my comments to constructive/informative ideas in response to the posts I read so my number of posts is not that high. This is not indicative of a lack of...
  7. Gone Green

    Just wanted to say hello. I signed into the forum a little over a month ago and thought I'd throw some support to Derek and the crew to let them know I appreciate their work and the info and interactions shared here. I look forward to getting to know some, if not many, of my fellow members and...
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