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  1. Thoughts and prayers: 15th MEU AAV sinks...

  2. Thoughts and prayers: 15th MEU AAV sinks...

  3. Google Map of New England Gun Stores

    Pelletier's Sports Shop 105 Peterborough St, Jaffrey, NH 03452 Phone: (603) 532-7180 http://pelletiersports.biz/
  4. Adams Arms Out of Business

    I'll sell you my AA upper.
  5. Training course

    Of all the pistol, rifle, shotgun, defensive or competition training I've done, ECQC is the best. I like the multi disciplined approach (a little bit of; verbal judo, stand up/clinch, ground fighting, knife, and pistol 0-5 feet). It's not just a shooting class, but a self defense fighting class...
  6. Happy 110 birthday to the 1911

    "The world's finest close quarters sidearm and king of feedway stoppages." - Ken Hackathorn Here's mine: Here is a 1911 that a buddy carried in OEF:
  7. Here’s proof that AR-15s are weapons of war

    TL;DR, but someone probably already said it; They don't become weapons of war until they try to take them away.
  8. Thoughts and prayers: 15th MEU AAV sinks...

    @CatSnoutSoup great info - thanks! I did three deployments as a Grunt in the "track" company, but never knew any that info. Can you comment on how effective the bow plane is (or isn't) in the water?
  9. Clint Smith-Snowflakes

    Danger-Close Podcast (Jack Carr) with Clint Smith:
  10. A military meme...

    I was on the deployment described below, but thankfully on another ship. The embarked Marines got a flight back to the US, but we still beat them home streaming across the Atlantic.
  11. Thoughts and prayers: 15th MEU AAV sinks...

  12. Clint Smith-Snowflakes

    The sound of his voice and the words that come out of it makes liberals ears bleed!
  13. AR Pistol Braces

    I have the Tailhook also. Only complaint I have is that there is no female QD sling swivel attachment, but one can make due.
  14. Thoughts and prayers: 15th MEU AAV sinks...

    The full investigation is to be made public after the families have had time to review it. https://taskandpurpose.com/news/marine-colonel-fired-aav-accident-investigation/
  15. A military meme...

    Not a meme, but still funny...
  16. New Marine Corps rifle qual.

    Boot camp and SOI will reduce the time of the pipeline once the big war hits just like WWII, Korea, and Vietnam did.
  17. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I have one also, but never hooked it up. I can keep track well enough buy counting the times I fill the primer magazine. Maybe not down to the single digit, but if I know I reloaded "X" hundred rounds today, I'm happy.
  18. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    The original (1995) powder tube for my Dillon 550 became so stained from powder that I could not see how much was left. A quick call to Dillon had a new one in the mail which arrived in a few days. Great customer service! Took some time to switch it out today.
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