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  1. WTS Steel Retail Shelving Section, 4-ft wide, Six 18-in deep shelves - $100

    WTS: One 4-ft standalone section of steel shelves I got from a Sports Authority that was closing. Six clean and rust-free shelves, with pegboard backing, and wall brackets to prevent tilting. $100. Pickup in Blackstone MA. When assembled it will look like this...
  2. MA Action Needed: Request for Hearing(s) on the AG’s Firearm Enforcement Notice

    Just posting this in its own thread so it doesn't get lost in the busier mega-threads. From my State Representative, Kevin Kuros, Yesterday, I joined with my Republican caucus colleagues in requesting that the Chairs of the Public Safety Committee and / or the Chairs of the Judiciary Committee...
  3. WTS 55 Gallon HDPE Barrels (Food Grade Liner Included)

    Prices: 1 drum for $40, 2 drums for $70, 3 drums for $100, 4 drums for $130. Pricing also available for 5+ drums. For sale are multiple 55 gallon drums made of high density polyethylene. In layman's terms, the same stuff plastic milk bottles are made from, but they're just heavier and...
  4. Eight Children Dead in Mass Stabbing in Australia

    Story developing: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-12-19/cairns-stabbing-eight-children-dead-after-manoora-stabbing/5979452
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