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  1. WTS WTS/WTT pre ban AR drum: The ninety rounder and 100 rounds

    Update: the last week I'm offering this as I close on refinance this week... Doing this listing because I have another rifle up under WTS forum in which I included a drum and people have asked about Drums alone... I have a few of these drums kicking around so I figured I'll add option here if...
  2. WTS WTS/WTT AR 15 Pre ban Drum (9/13/1994) MWG THE NINETY ROUNDER

    Location : Cape Cod, MASSACHUSETTS... Gun and ammo have sold Still have couple PRE BAN MWG "THE NINETY ROUNDER" ninety round AR-15 drum style magazine. $350 alone (I have more drums) Selling Terms : Massachusetts LTC A I have EFA-10 personal transfer to use so no cost to you! Would...
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