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  1. Online Classes?

    Hi guys. Any suggestions for online classes? I checked for local courses but the only one I saw on arrl was in Natick which is a hike for me. I’m thinking of taking the class and signing up my cousin for a class for Christmas. Thanks!
  2. WTB Savage 110 Stock Short Action

    Looking for an inexpensive stock or factory take off. Thanks!
  3. Budget AR parts quality.

    Let me preface this with saying I’m not an AR guy. I don’t have a dog in the fight. I’m just wondering what the consensus is on NES. I’m sure it’s skewed and most people won’t read the question and will give an answer completely unrelated. I have some buddies that love ARs and love to build...
  4. Autumn Olive Berry

    Anyone harvesting these right now? I picked about 2.5 gallons over the last couple days and I’m wondering if anyone has any good recipes. I’m planning on making jam with all of them as of right now.
  5. Anyone loading 44 Special or Russian?

    Just started loading loading 44 Special and realized with the new carrier I can cycle 44 Russians in my 1894. Anyone have pet loads? So far I think I was going with RCBS 44-250K and 6.9 grains of unique. Nice and light shooting. I’ll have to chrono them tomorrow night. I figured it would be...
  6. WTS Otis 7.62 Bone Tool

    $20 FTF southeastern MA brand new never used. all rules followed goose rules apply.
  7. What is your method for record keeping?

    I always use the black and white speckled composition books. I try to write down as much info as I can Brass head stamp or mixed bullet alloy if cast size if cast lube or coating if cast powder and charge weight OAL primer also I like to write down what the source for the data was and if I had...
  8. 2019 NES Cast Bullet Seminar Sign Up Thread

    It's time for hot lead again. Cost $20 Via PayPal friends and family. [email protected] Please put your full name and your NES handle in the notes. This $20 gets you damn close to 100 years of bullet casting experience, breakfast, lunch and all the bullets you can cast while you're...
  9. Remington 870 21"

    Just scored a sweet 1995 870 Express Magnum 21" Special Purpose barrel I'm thinking of adding a +3 mag extension and maybe magpul furniture. Has anyone done this with a 21"? I know 18.5" is most common to tacticool out but I couldn't beat the deal on this gun. It was practically new. If it...
  10. Anual NES Bullet Casting Seminar Feeler Thread

    Interested Member Richardgc NorthNY daggrant99 BarnBuilder yanquidog Artie BFDX7 snax Alright guys and gals. I think it's time to start planning for an October seminar. For those that have not read about this or may be new here. We basically spend a day going from scrap lead to...
  11. Ballistic Gel Testing

    Is anyone messing around with this? Clear Ballistics Gel is offering less that perfect blocks at a high reduced price. The only defect is a slight off color to the block. It’s still clear and works exactly the same as the regular blocks they sell. I picked up a block earlier this week. I...
  12. WTT NAA 22 Magnum Revolver

    Looking to buy. Please let me know if you have one. Thank you
  13. 30/30 With Cast?

    Anyone have a favorite load for plinking? I have a plain based 170 FP bullet I'm messing with. I think I'm going to load some with 8 or 10 grains of Unique for a light plinker. I have some loaded with 22 grains fo 3031 to try out too.
  14. WTS 7MM08 and 7MM Mag Ammo

    Factory ammo in boxes. 7mm08 - 48 each Remington 140 grain PSP $30 7mm08 - 20 each Federal Premium 140 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip $20 7MM Mag - 13 each Remington 150 grain PSP $15 7MM Mag - 18 each Winchester Western 150 grain SP $15 - This stuff is old and tarnished but should clean up fine...
  15. Winchester 350 Legend

    New cartridge. Seems to be a slightly longer version of the 357MAX AR rimless that the castboolits crew has been playing with. Talks about 200 grains at 2000 FPS. [SHOT 2019] Winchester's NEW 350 Legend Cartridge
  16. WTB Dillon 45 Colt Dies

    tile says it all. Southeastern MA willing to drive a bit or pay shipping. thank you!
  17. Borrow A Savage Action Wrench?

    Does anyone in southeastern MA have one I can borrow for a day or two? thanks!
  18. 870 Shell Latch Staking Tool?

    Hello. Anyone local who would lend me theirs for a couple days? I popped the latches out of a heavily rusted 870 to clean the receiver and I’m looking to not waste $32 and $15 shipping on a tool I’ll never use again. Thanks all! Mike
  19. Mattapoisett Manhunt Ends Peacefully

    Mattapoisett Manhunt for Armed Suspect Ends Peacefully
  20. 2018 Cast Bullet Seminar Sign Up Thread

    Back for another year. Sunday October 14th Please post questions here. Not sure casting is right for you? Have you hear it's dangerous and unhealthy? Worried about return on investment? What does it cost to get started? Ask it all here. Donations: Donnie Miculek of the famed Miculek family is...
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