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  1. Friends of Revolvers - Level I IDPA Match - Metro West Tactical - 9/24/2016

    Friends of Revolvers - Level I IDPA Match - Metro West Tactical Saturday, September 24, 2016, Indoor/Action Pits at Harvard Sportsman's Club - 250 Littleton County Rd. Harvard, MA The annual Friends-of-Revolvers IDPA match is open to all Divisions. However, shooters of all levels are...
  2. 2015 IDPA New England Regional IDPA Championship - Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    The Metro West Tactical IDPA Group is pleased to announce that we will host the 2015 New England Regional IDPA Championship at the Harvard Sportsmen's Club on August 15th & 16th, 2015. This match is a one-day format where competitors will shoot either on Saturday 8/15 or Sunday 8/16. There are...
  3. Limited run of no-lock S&W 642s

    Now that I've made arrangements to get one myself, I'll share the news. [grin] RSR Group has a limited run of no-lock S&W 642s. If you like the hammerless J-frames but hate the lock this is your chance at a new one. Carl at Four Seasons should be getting some in today.
  4. No longer green

    What happened? I'm no longer green, my PM box is over-flowing, and worst of all, I may miss out out another group buy! [grin] Can someone please set me back to paid member status? Thanks!
  5. Interesting find in FFL eZCheck

    From Arms and the Law: head on over to the ATF's FFL eZCheck and punch in 1-54-XXX-XX-XX-00725 for the FFL number. The results are surprising (in a Carl Rowan kind of way).
  6. IDPA Safety Officer Class September 2nd at Harvard

    This class is at Harvard Sportsmen's Club in Harvard, MA. If you've been shooting IDPA for a while this is your chance to take the next step in supporting your sport. Forwarded from the MetroWest Tactical list:
  7. Knoxx CompStock

    In preparation for the upcoming John Farnam course at Riverside I bought myself a new Mossberg. Somehow, I never have a problem finding an excuse to get another gun. [grin] I had tested several different varieties of slugs, six boxes in all, in one of my other shotguns to see which gave me...
  8. Great IDPA match at Riverside!

    The next Match Director at Riverside has a very tough act to follow. Darius ran a great match, ably helped by Eugene, Michael, and Jon. The match had moving targets, low light conditions, moving targets under low light conditions, prone distance shooting, a rifle and shotgun stage, and a...
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