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  1. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Dracut: My 1st LTC-A renewal = Restrictions: NONE. There were no special circumstance for me (ie work or business ownership) (1st licence was restricted out of Lowell). I am very pleased! - - - Updated - - - Dracut: My 1st LTC-A renewal = Restrictions: NONE. There were no special...
  2. Dracut Procedures/Wait For Appointment

    UPDATE: My wife got her call on january 20th, and her appointment for the interview was january 30th. 3 letters of recommendation and one from herself. Now shes just waiting for the license. She said that Lt. Fleury was a really nice guy. I have still not received my call... Its been 15 weeks...
  3. Dracut Procedures/Wait For Appointment

    Thought I'd keep this thread going... Im on week 6 on waiting for my appointment phone call in Dracut for my first renewal. On the same day I put my wifes appointment request in for her first LTC. I'll keep this updated as we go along. Im not too worried as I assume they are backed up due to...
  4. Moved from Lowell --> Dracut, now moving again in Dracut???

    Happy thanks giving everyone... I did a search and found nothing that applied to my exact situation. I moved out of lowell to dracut early this summer, and at that time I notified Chelsea, Lowell and Dracut. Now I've moved again to a new address in Dracut. Do I still need to notify...
  5. FA-10 "wording" Re: AR15 Lower in MA

    This is what I've taken from this conversation. I've decided not to send in a second FA-10, as I was told by my licensing officer not to do so. In the future, I believe I would go about this situation the same way. Because the lower is considered the firearm due to it having the serial number...
  6. FA-10 "wording" Re: AR15 Lower in MA

    Meaning what? Im just outed myself using information they already know?
  7. FA-10 "wording" Re: AR15 Lower in MA

    I just called the firearms bureau in my town, she didn't sound very versed on the AR platform and when I explained my question, she was confused and just kept saying. "I see it registered here, it's likely that you did the right thing." I think Im going to leave it be, because I dont want them...
  8. FA-10 "wording" Re: AR15 Lower in MA

    I didn't put a barrel length. I registered it as "MP15 LOW REC"
  9. FA-10 "wording" Re: AR15 Lower in MA

    What If I buy an upper with a different barrel length? Say Its registered as a 20'' barrel, and later I buy/install a 16''? Do I need to re-register a whole new FA-10?
  10. FA-10 "wording" Re: AR15 Lower in MA

    I bought a stripped M&P15 lower in NH a few years back and when I filled out my FA-10 to report it in MA I wrote the model as "M&P15 LOW REC." Not sure why I decided to do that, maybe it said it on the box It came in. Regardless, its now a complete rifle. Do I need to send in (waste) another...
  11. No longer google shopping search for firearms?

    http://support.google.com/merchants/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2632553 Google Shopping policies - NEW The following products are not allowed on Google Shopping: Vehicles Guns, ammunition and knives Tobacco and cigarettes Traffic devices (Learn more) Products related to casino and gambling...
  12. Dracut renewal process - anyone renewed in Dracut recently and know the process?

    I am interested in this too. Im moving to Dracut next week from Lowell. I have a sporting restriction right now because I am licensed in Lowell (expires June 2014). Does this mean that I will have to wait until it expires until I can reapply in Dracut for my ALP? And I see that Dracut is now...
  13. Post ban AR lower with collapsible stock in Mass: Legal?

    Agreed, I wouldn't mess around with it. Pin the bastard, and if you ever get fortunate enough to be able to move to NH, then you can just pull it out with minimal damage.
  14. Wareham police seize firearms, including two assault rifles

    I Didnt know he was a drug dealer. I guess that answers my question. Thanks for your sarcastic clarification.
  15. Wareham police seize firearms, including two assault rifles

    Im trying to understand this. So he dosn't have an FID or LTC, but owned these guns/ammo? Even if they're antiques dont you still need licencing to own them? Especially if you have ammo too?
  16. Do's and Dont's to buliding my own M4

    Do. Buy a quality optic.
  17. Sub $600 quality AR

    Dont sweat, unfortunately the code wont work on sale items. Good idea though budman3!
  18. City of Lowell Storage Alert

    This city makes me sick! I cant wait to get the F out of here. I hear gangsters/drug dealers gunshots in the streets most nights and the city government is sitting around trying to figure out how to keep their eyes one me!!!!?!?! Makes no sense at all. Lets just hope that crackheads cant use the...
  19. Getting started in bow hunting (Lowell MA)

    Update: 8 months later. Over the spring i bought a bow and had it tuned up by a local guy. This guy also set me up with a dozen arrows with tips. I also bought three broadheads. I signed up for the hunter edu course, and I plan on hitting the woods this october. Now I need: - A climbing...
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