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  1. People Who Conceal Full Size Handguns

    I AIWB full size pistols G17 G31 beretta M9A1 occasionally a P229 in 357 sig in each case I use a JM custom kydex AIWB holster. No wing. I also wear a mag carrier at 11 o’clock which helps balance things out on the belt. for TLR1 equipped G17 I use a Henry holsters flint. I am 5’11” and 220...
  2. Need help pricing a Geissele upper plz

    The title does not appear to match the question at all
  3. Deals and steals

    I’ve no experience with this particular jig but for those of you who foolishly waited to start the 80% gig: https://www.primaryarms.com/anderson-manufacturing-80-percent-lower-jig-kit-gen-2
  4. Midway birthday price BS

    Pistol markup is very low. There’s no reason to expect some special deal from Larry on a lousy P320.
  5. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    would be great except 1) the sheriffs oppose it because they get a lot of $$ from the PPP’s, and 2) the governor will not sign this
  6. Newton Gun Shop getting pushback

    these woke turds have succeeded in banishing all things gun-related from their sight and thus convince themselves it doesn't exist. so their children grow up in a gun-less environment under the misguided belief that they're safer under such circumstances. this is exactly how we ensure the 2A...
  7. Adam Toledo shooting: Bodycam video of teen killed by CPD released by COPA; family calls for peace: Live Special Report

    from the footage I see, there’s no basis to criticize the LEO handling of situation. Armed guy running away suddenly turns around. For all I know the LEO may have thought he was turning to shoot at him. These are split second judgment calls for shits sake. It sucks but the 13 year old indeed...
  8. Vortex crossfire 2

    I suppose for the price they are decent, but overall I’d save up $$ and buy better glass
  9. Anyone dealing with a Woke employer?

    I work in one of the most woke professions: academic medicine. Yet I’m surprised how all of you say to keep your head down. My policy is to allow the leftists to work themselves up into a frenzy then ask a very stupid question. This way I can waste their time and enjoy hearing the teeth gnash...
  10. EoTech

    OP post photos I’m willing to bed that’s a knockoff Eotech.
  11. Biden’s executive action

    this executive BS is Biden’s handlers feeling the pressure from their “support” base. It will accomplish nothing but a slew of legal cases and further strengthening gun sales. Wait until this summer when the peaceful protests get extra peaceful...that will put the lid on protectionist agenda for...
  12. Biden’s executive action

    checked that box years ago
  13. Preban Sig or Beretta mags in CZ 75/SP01

    no. The magazine needs to function. Reliability is far more important than having another 6 rounds in a boogered up magazine. If the goal is HD learn to use a rifle or shotgun they make any pistol look like a joke. This way it actually checks the box and makes this silly magazine game moot.
  14. AK question

    did the buyer have a chance to inspect the rifle at time of purchase? if so there isn’t much to discuss here. the buyer needs to field strip and inspect a used firearm. Ideally the seller should do the same. This is not a brand new Daniel Defense rifle; it’s a used import AK with zero warranty...
  15. Adams Arms Out of Business

    @FancyGunz have you run the adams arms upper enough for parts breakage? They are designed to go for a long time if not forever. The barrel will likely be toast before the piston system. the adams arms bolt should be Interchangeable with mil spec except gas rings not necessary. they use a bolt...
  16. The Open Carry Warzone (enter at own risk)

    if I’m a “dickhead” just wait ‘til the rest of this forum introduces themselves. whats with the bipod on your bullpup? does that help with open carry?
  17. The Open Carry Warzone (enter at own risk)

    Unless making a political “statement” or on a range, open carry is beyond stupid. Given the OP’s other absurd thread suggesting indiscriminate searches of everyone in poor urban areas I’m guessing the current open-carry thread is borne out of some silly CCW fantasies academically based on action...
  18. Opinion please: 357 magnum or sig

    I’m glad someone finally asked this question of 357 mag vs sig. it’s only been dribbling along since 1994. it’s honestly pretty simple: are you still angry about having to upgrade from a rotary to touch-tone telephone? If so then you probably want that revolver it will go nicely with the...
  19. letter of intent

    Weak ass NES it now takes 16 posts to remind OP GOIN’ TA JAIL, and he can’t take his brass pieces with!
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