10mm bear ammo question

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Sep 29, 2011
Fairbanks, Alaska
Hi, I’ve lived in Alaska my whole life. A short answer to your question is you want the heaviest/ fastest ammo you can get your hands on aka buffalo bore 230 hard cast or something along those lines. But swap barrels for like a Kkm or something else that will shoot unjacketed rounds if you are running a Glock. If/ when you get here your best bet is going to be at alaska ammo over by Merrill field. I think it’s on commercial drive. Anyway the long answer is think about where you’re going, what time of year it is, and how many people are going to be around. For example if you are going to be in kodiak by yourself in between salmon runs yeah you probably want to carry a rifle. But if you are climbing flattop in July you probably don’t need to have more than a pocket knife. Basically don’t let every yahoo who has a guide buddy or thinks they are an expert because they recently watched a nat geo special tell you what to carry. I carry a g29 more than anything else specifically for bears because most of the time all you are ever going to see are small black bears. There’s like 3 times as many black bears as there are brown bears up here and even more likely a moose. Really a pissed off moose in the middle of a trail is statistically more likely to kick your ass than any bear. And on the rare occasion that you ever encounter a brown bear it isn’t like all of them are the biggest record setting bear ever recorded. That’s the main thing people forget is not all of them are insanely huge. One thing is true though, they are FAST! So the faster you can have a firearm at the ready the better. Also when people come up here to go fishing or hunting they end up at places like the Russian river or on the Kenai where there are like a thousand other people around every one of them packin’. Fun fact: bears don’t f&$k with large groups of people. Also bears generally don’t attack people unless they think they are a threat or if the bear is hungry so right when it wakes up in the spring or between salmon runs or whatever they like to munch on isn’t around right then. This is just my two cents, sorry I digress so hard from the actual question but really it was just in response to literally every message board ever has a million people telling 10mm packers that it ain’t enough gun. I know even people from up here are going to think to themselves “ oh that guy is retarded, there isn’t enough penetration behind a 10mm.”
To people like that I tell em to google Charlie vandergaw. I spend most of my free time 1 mile from that guys house. To be fair though when I’m out there I carry my Ruger Toklat or my marlin. Sorry for the longest post ever but anyway when you get up here welcome and have fun.

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