11 year old with a crossbow.

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Jun 13, 2014
NC defending a beach
So, been taking my son bow hunting since he was big enough to walk the woods himself. Also used to take him shotgun hunting season too. A 6 year old in an orange vest that essentially covers his whole body is kind of cute.

He’s 11 now. A small eleven. Still not big enough to use a youth compound bow. But, we live in NC, so crossbows are available to us.

Bought him a 10 point crossbow with the acudraw system. He’s over the moon with it. He’s now a big boy and can compete with our friends who are a little older than him and a little bigger than him. Only had the bow a few days, haven’t gotten in the woods yet. I’m still recovering from hand surgery. But we’re off to a friends hunting camp in a month and my kid is thirsty for his first deer!

Life is good when your kid can’t get enough of watching deer hunting YouTube and shooting his new super crossbow from all sorts of ranges and heights.

Just wanted to brag a bit. Can’t wait for his first brown down.
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