SOLD 1975 Yamaha XS650 Complete Restoration


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Dec 20, 2018
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This is not a project bike but a completed resto-mod with every aspect of the bike improved and every weakness addressed.

The tank and side covers have been repainted and are in excellent condition inside and out. The gas tank with Asahi Denso fuel gauge is rust free and lined. The petcocks and fuel lines are new.

The complete electrical system has been replaced and rebuilt from scratch using a permanent magnet alternator, solid state regulator, modern fuse box, silicone wiring, and waterproof connectors. The charging system no longer requires a battery and a supercapacitor has been installed in its place for weight reduction. The electric starter remains in place and can be used if desired. The original key and ignition is functional and remains mounted on the headlight bucket.

A high lift cam is installed and tuned with the angled cut exhaust tips at an optimal length for torque. The carbs are rejetted and run with pod air filters. Slip on mufflers are included but not pictured if you want to run it quieter. With the tuned length headers it's not very loud even without them.

The ignition system has been updated to a modern solid state hall effect system. The ignition coil, wires, and caps are new and runs as wasted spark.

The controls have been replaced with modern replacements along with the gauge cluster. All lights are LED including the fender mounted Harley tail light and dual projector LED headlight.

Fork seals and boots are new. The rear swingarm has been updated to grooved bronze bushings. The steering head bearings are upgraded with tapered rollers.

The engine has an updated mesh oil filter.

Also included are several boxes of spare parts included including a side cover, original gauges, a complete spare set of carbs, airbox, original tail light, new front brake caliper, new old stock clutch, carb rebuild kits, stock points system and much much more.

Clean title and ready to go in Tewksbury, MA



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