4th Circuit Kolbe/Hogan Humor For You


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Jan 4, 2011
So I'm flipping this well-reasoned appeals court decision and there's a lot of dispelled gun control myths in it, but one rather comical tidbit that I thought folks would get a laugh over is as follows. Footnote 4 talks about the fact that the AR-10 is not covered by the ban, as it is "ill-suited to home defense for some smaller individuals because of its heavy recoil which makes it difficult 'to reobtain the target and to quickly and accurately fire subsequent shots if needed'." This left me laughing but also speechless as to the stupidity of the MD ban.

Also, among the waterfall of data that the court cites (from all the pro-2A briefs no doubt) is the 1989 ATF report that concluded that self-defense was a suitable purpose for semi-automatic rifles.

Additionally (sorry, can't help it), the court dispels with MD's argument that semi-auto rifles are dangerous/unusual by stating, among many other things, that handguns are used to commit far more homicides than rifles and therefore it is impossible to conclude that semi-auto rifles are more dangerous than handguns. For example, in 2006, 60% of all murders involved handguns while only 7% involved long guns. If Heller protects handguns, then surely it has to also protect long guns, which the data shows are inherently less dangerous.

I can't help myself, here's one more: The court noted "for perspective" that in 2012 the number of AR and AK style rifles manufactured and imported into the U.S. was more than double the number of Ford F150 trucks sold that year, with the F150 being the most commonly sold vehicle in the U.S.!
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