About that “cleaning guns” thing.

Meh, stuff happens. That’s why it’s a Glock.
I bet it was still firing even in that condition. Spring broke?
Connector spring snapped.

Hate when that happens sausage fingers make that a pita to get back on

Yup. Used a small pair of needlenose pliars to replace it.

That's the first time I've had a spring break. I've heard others advocate replacing it after nn rounds as preventive maintenance - I always think "how the fck do I know how many rounds I've shot in that gun?".

I'm shooting a fairly major two-gun match Saturday, and I've been practicing with my rifle, ('cause I suck with a rifle - and we've got moving targets at 400 and 500 yards). Took a break from the rifle and was shooting a spinner yesterday. Gun felt a little funny on a couple of shots, but didn't malfunction.

Did a quick field strip and clean of it when I got home, reassembled it and cycled it and the trigger didn't reset. Huh? Took it back apart, disassembled it completely and found the broken spring.
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