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Oct 9, 2007
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Ran across this organization. It seems its built as a beginners way into USPSA and also is primarily using snub-nose revolvers and sub-compact pistols.

"Here at Action Shooting International, LLC, we’re focused on giving you a chance to practice in a way that’s fun, and builds social connections with other gun owners.

We’ve put together a series of simple courses oriented on the practical use of handguns — along with a scoring system that promotes a relaxed, friendly attitude (like a bowling league). ASI shoots are competitions, but we’re more concerned about having fun and learning something along the way than fighting for every point.

Each shooting problem you’ll face (called a “stage”) focuses on a particular experience or skill — such as reloading, shooting around an obstacle, or shooting while moving.

The challenges you face will be “doable” for average gun owners, and are particularly suited to people who are (for example) learning to draw from concealment. The stages will repeat over the course of the year, giving you a chance to track your improvement."

Action Shooting International
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Mar 31, 2006
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Hmmm, couple of slightly familiar names. Only 24 miles from USPSA HQ. Uses all of the same "lingo".
Seems like USPSA-lite for profit.

Understandable. It worked out for IDPA.

Rob Boudrie

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Apr 24, 2005
Hmmm, couple of slightly familiar names.
Ownership Group

Robin Taylor, President/COO​
Sandy Wylie, Board Chairman​
TRon Davis, Marketing Manager​
Al Wylie, RO Trainer​
Dustin Wylie, RO Trainer​

Robin Taylor used to work at USPSA HQ and currently runs Taylor Freelance which I believe consists of a Haas in his garage and a bunch designs for some rather nice parts he sells. I've bought his stuff and found it to be of very good quality and fast shipping.

The listed HQ for ASI is the same as Taylor Freelance, and is in a residential neighborhood.

What all of these spin-offs (IDPA, TSA, ASI, etc.) have in common is the founder not being satisfied with USPSA and wanting to be in charge. Note that none of the orgs (with the jury still out on ASI) allow members to vote for the board of officers. In the case of IDPA, the board elects new board members. TSA (tactical shooting association) has a board of advisers with full authority to make suggestions to the leadership which is Dave Middlebrooks ("National and World Champion shooter", not sure in what though) who states it needs to be that way since he will not have newbies telling him what to do.

I have heard rumblings from one rather well connected individual who made private comments about starting his own org if he doesn't like what he sees from USPSA.

The free market will sort it out, and if being a true "membership org" really matters. My belief is that a membership org is better equipped to handle turnover in leadership and staff than a privately owned one that has customers rather than true members.
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