Ammo Act

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Aug 19, 2007
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On Thursday, November 2nd, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressman Robert Garcia (D-CA) introduced their newest gun control measure in Congress to further restrict your rights, but this time it is the ammunition they are after. The bill dubbed the AMMO Act, will federalize a version of existing state law here in California that restricts ammunition sales by requiring a criminal background check, banning out-of-state ammunition orders, requiring vendors to obtain a separate license to sell ammunition, and more. If passed, the AMMO Act will prohibit purchases of more than 1,000 rounds of any caliber within a five-day period, as well as require all vendors to obtain a federal license to sell ammunition, and it will require all vendors to report ammunition sales to the ATF.

I realize this is a only a bill at this point, but you should be learning the message that gun grabbers have no intention of negotiating in good faith about firearm laws...ever.

They will not stop until you have no firearms, act accordingly.

P.S. I will rejoice the day we get rid of the fake indian.

Ammo Act
With you in getting rid of priestess spreading bull
Until then
Can we not utilize the RESIST of the left, Maybe put Shall not comply with it ?
The need to use the success they have with phrases and incorporate them
for that most of MA would need to stop to vote for her, which is unlikely.
but, so far it all is going quite as it all was predicted. those who were not collecting brass and still have no reloading skills will suffer.
I am sure reloading components and equipment will be targeted as well. Our enemies are crazy but they are not stupid. They know all about handloading and small firms who produce custom ammunition.
I’ll just go to Mexico and have the parade of illegals bring in a few boxes each…they get the red carpet treatment to enter so it should work fine. I hear the male illegals will only carry .45 over the border because they have to demonstrate their machismo (important in the Latino culture)…the ladies and children carry boxes of 9mm.
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