Anti 2a revenge

This nut broke into a guy's house in Virginia and attacked him with a frying pan. Just for laughs I checked her FB page and she is very anti gun. The irony is rich.
My sister. We have been praying for her for years. She is so full of hate. 😥
My sister. We have been praying for her for years. She is so full of hate. 😥
Seriously? Did you join our merry little band after googling her name to see what is being said about her? Does she have a history of mental illness? You are praying for her? That must make her crazy since she seems to be anti religion.
She looks like Jody Foster.

Somebody insert that hot Jody Foster memes.

Like the one where she got me all excited last time.
This reads like a redneck Penthouse Letter to the Editor

When he got there, he “observed an unclothed female, who was unknown to the homeowner, coming into the rear door,”... Locklear then began hitting him with a cast iron fry pan

Homeowner shoots naked woman who broke into his house and attacked him with a frying pan​

MA should amend its gun control legislation to have a frying pans control subsection in it. no slaves should be allowed to carry anything that can be used as a weapon, so just need to boost up the list.
We need common sense frying pan laws. No one needs a fry pan over 8 inches. That is just asking for trouble. Only seen pans that size in the Battalion Mess Hall (dining facility) at Fort Bragg (Ft Liberty).
Juvenile permit holders should be restricted to a 6 inch or smaller.

Come'on it for the Kids.
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