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WTB Baseball, Sports, and Non-Sports Cards


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Jul 5, 2011
Have you got old Baseball, football, basketball, or non-sports trading cards? Or autographs of famous people? Would you like me to help you get them sold? Prices are through the roof and buyers are coming out of the woodwork!
  • I can help you get them submitted to Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) to be rated and encapsulated into a holder. Including making decisions about which cards are worth enough to pay the high fees for submission (PSA charges $20 - $1000 per card, plus postage!).
  • I can help you list your cards on eBay, with or without PSA authentication. I have a high eBay rating and therefore buyers have confidence purchasing from me.
  • I can handle all the photographs, item description, buyer communication, packaging, mailing, problems, and more.
I charge 10-20% of the auction price for commission. Depending on various factors. This does not include the eBay fees, PayPal fees, packing material, postage.

Alternatively, maybe you have some cards you wish to sell outright? What do you have that you wish to sell?

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