Dashcam footage shows the moment Florida cops shoot dead two teens aged 18 and 19 after they drove toward a deputy


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Feb 3, 2015
western mass
Just from the write up and the video, how the F are you going to show up at the perps house, as someone else said, when it's a STOLEN car?

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey claimed that the deputies were attempting to conduct an investigation after they spotted the vehicle being drive by Croom and believed it was potentially a stolen car that had fled from another deputy moments earlier,

The vehicle had already fled, I'd guess at high speed, from other deputies. They chose to drive towards a cop. Could the cop retreated? Sure, maybe. I've said it before, as someone who's been there, retreating from a vehicle is a calculated risk. I'm still here, so I made the right decision, but it could have gone a different way. My encounters were in the middle of nowhere where the risks to the 'general public' were minimized.

How about, hey pull the hell over. You got caught, do your time and try again.

The problem with literally all shooting videos is that they lack the before and after component and cleverly edit the video that shows the 2 guys getting shot without any context and suddenly it looks like another public outrage. There was probably a lot more going, maybe more radio traffic and dispatcher traffic, etc. Maybe these guys were known to cops and have a history with them as well. It's not always so cut and dry. But I have to say in this case, if you're going to try to run over a cop with a car then expect to bleeding out from some freshly drilled holes in the carcass.


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Aug 2, 2019
Central Ma.
This happened a week ago.
Where are the BLM protests, riots and looting ???
I guess they're not bothering with that stuff this time because the election is over and the DNC isn't paying them anymore.
Correct but I bet bones and new guy are marching to defund the police. Do you guys support "Defund the Police?" Simple yes or no will be sufficient.
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