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Early Winchester M1 garand

Oct 13, 2009
Methuen, MA
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Well been ages since I posted here. Few weeks ago was in my old gunsafe. Haven't really been in it in years ever since emptied out from divorce in early 2016. Aside from forgetting I still had my Japanese arisaka in immaculate shape that was shipped home in a Japanese artillery shell crate addressed to a home in Brighton I found this Winchester receiver I also forgot was in there. Upon its rediscovery, I was going to sell it. But looking at it more, think would be a good candidate to bring back to life and get me back in milsurp game. Thing is how often do you see a 6 digit Winchester (technically 5 digit as started at 100k)? Stay tuned as I resurrect it to former glory (prob not 100% correct, but it will have some correct parts).




Awesome! That will be a great project. Winchester receivers can get a bit rough looking but that one is a cut above.
A corrected rifle is just bunch of parts. It's never going to be original, or collectable. Build it and shoot it!! Great looking receiver.
Ah but the few "correct" parts were actually original to it. Should have added to post (mostly original) I stripped down to possibly restore years ago just as divorce struck. I found the box of parts (which thought were missing later yesterday) in storage that still contain the original Winchester bolt, follower, oprod, trigger group, and lockbar sight and few other small parts. Barrel, gas assembly, stock were all 1946 replacements that are m.i.a. or would be rebuilt 100% right now. Can't restore it these days as decent 1940 Winchester barrels, wood are near impossible to find, and if so not worth cost.
A corrected rifle is just bunch of parts. It's never going to be original, or collectable. Build it and shoot it!! Great looking receiver.
Technically true, but maybe the opposite of the 'sum of its parts'? If build from collectible and correct Win parts, those parts individually will always be collectible and will command a nice price. Might be personally satisfying to be correct too. I'd like to correct one of mine- just one. Probably the HRA, which only need correct wood.

CMP regulars will get upset if you blow holes in their 'corrected M1' endeavors...

Welcome back. Look forward to the build.

That Arisaka sounds very interesting. Love to hear more about that.
Well went diving for every part to start building. Looks like only part I misplaced or sold was the Winchester stock 🤬.

Winchester parts found in bin
Lockbar rear sight, apature, and cover
Clip Latch
Follower Arm assembly
Op rod
Gas assembly, front sight.
Trigger group

SA parts
bolt internals
Trigger internals
Gas lock
10-48 barrel
oprod catch ect.

need to get some wood, then we'll throw together.
Stock hardware
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