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Any info. on local gun shoots (black rifle, 3 gun, Class III, etc) would be great along with reviews of New England gun shops........Also info on good FFL dealers to work with. Reviews of specific gun parts/weapons is always welcome - nice to preview before you buy.....
I also suggest the following forums:
- informal get-togethers
- gun shows
- gun shops/FFL Dealers
- hardware reviews/opinions
- gun laws
- defensive training
New England states are extremely varied concerning their gun laws, including CCW, transportation, sales, etc.....

A legal section might be informative.
Maybe a millitary section. I see that alot of us are ex or active millitary. I am a internet whore and i find cool stuff all the time , but I would hate to spam the general board with all the " shoot move and communicate " stuff .
How about a boats and hoes sub forum??

Maybe a flexing on poors sun forum as well.
How about classifieds for just normal members? Dealers already have their own, and just dump so much into the general categories that our ads get pushed all the way to the back. And this is the last board left in NE for buying, selling, trading.

Or, at least split them into states, so we know whether it's for sale in NH, ME, VT or some other state. (or just call that one the "NOT MA" section). Since, ya know, no one actually lists a state in their title....

Rant off.
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