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Apr 27, 2005
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These are all frequently asked questions about gun laws on this forum. I have linked them to threads on this forum. Keep in mind that this information is from our members, and they are not all lawyers. Do not assume anything. You should always check with a proper attorney to make sure you are in compliance with State and Federal gun laws.

Flying with firearms
Checking a handgun in airplane luggage
Question about flying with my firearm
CCW in General Aviation?
Flying with guns and ammo
Airport carry?

I wanna build an AR-15
Is this a legal AR15 stock AWB?
Modifying an SKS
MAK-90... Mass. Pre-ban?
Thumbhole stock on AR15 to gain flashhider AWB
Folding stock question AWB?
A Krinkov in Mass?
Flashhider AWB
preban mixed with postban
Modifying the length of a gun
AR15 pistol build in Mass

Gun & Ammunition Storage
Possession/storage of another person’s gun
MA Storage Laws - Disassembled gun?
Storage at the Gym
Putting a safe in the trunk
Ammo and Firearms Stored Separately?
MA law regarding Amount of Ammunition???
Unattended storage in auto

Gun & Ammunition Transportation
Transporting firearms
Carrying in car question
Putting a safe in the trunk
Unattended storage in auto
Ammo transport in MA
Yes ANOTHER transportation question
Trunk of car (covered) What about a truck?

Shipping Guns & Ammunition

Buying Handguns in MA

I will be adding more information to this. If there is something you think should be added added please PM me.

Pre-ban Hi-caps for Post ban firearm
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