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Gun Rights Face Whirlwind Of Federal Action In 2024

1. ZeroHedge

2. Does Joltin Joe have a need to be firstest/bestest all the freaking time??? He can't just say he did something. It's always "I did more than anyone" or "we're the first to ever" or "I spent more days in first place than any other team." Wait. Is Joltin Joe really Dan Duquette?????

Since the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act became law in June 2022, Texas colleges, universities, school districts, and community organizations have received nearly $40 million for school safety, community violence prevention, and mental health resources,
Pretty sure only b/c Matty McConnaheyheyhey called the administration out on national TV. LOL.

4. ZH is just terrible at writing articles. They should have their people spend about 3 weeks reading hte WSJ or something. It's impossible to scan their articles. Did they not read early Hemingway in high school????

5. What was the point of the article? (See #4) Are they speculating that Joltin Joe is gonna try and do more or that the gun toting community is going to fight harder. Yesterday's SC case will tell us a lot. A LOT.
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