Hollis, NH Flea Market 9/20/20 Ammunition and magazines available GRAY pop up


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Sep 17, 2013
Hello NES members! With CV stopping gun shows, I am now selling on Sunday's at Hollis Flea Market 446 Silver Lake Rd Hollis NH 03049 7am - Noon. if weather is bad, I'm not there. I'll be there 9/20.
Bayonet M95 Steyr straight pull rifle $200
Bayonet Italian 7.35 Carcano rifle FOLDING $300
Carcano en bloc clips 6.5/7.35 $15 each everybody is buying Carcano's now. You only need one clip.
S&B 7.62x54r brass case boxer primed 180gr $25/box (for those of you too lazy to clean your garbage rods)
Czech SilverTip 7.62x54r 20rd boxes $15/box 10/$120 (best for your Nagant rifle!)
Czech 7.62x25 40rd boxes on 8rd stripper clips $20/box (fantastic for that NEW Yugo M57 from Classic!)
Wolf 5.45x39 30rd boxes $10 each
7.62x39 Tulammo 20rd boxes $7.00 each
PPU 6.5x52 Carcano ammo $25/box
PPU 7.5x54 French ammo $25/box
PPU 8x56 M95 straight pull rifle ammo $25/box
7.62x39 Chinese steel core 100rd $60
6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Norma 20rd boxes $35 each
7.5x55 Schmidt Rubin Norma 20rd boxes $35
7.5x55 Wolf Gold 20rd box $15
7.92x57 Romanian 8mm Mauser $15/20rd box 180rd/$125 in 30 cal can
CMP 30-06 20rd boxes $25 each 3/$60
.303 British military in bandoleers w/stripper clips $60 per bando
Garand bandoleers with en blocs and cardboard sleeves $60 per bando
.30 Carbine 120rd bandoleer on stripper clips $60 per bando
12ga Shorty rounds $15 box
16ga slugs 5 round Winchester $10/box
Glock non factory 30rd magazines 9mm, 40 s&w, 45acp $20 each
Colt non-factory 20 or 32 rd magazines $20 each
Croatian 30rd BHO AK47 magazines steel $15 each 5/$70
Beretta LEO mags $20 each
Beretta 10rd NEW $25
Glock 19 current production $25 each
Glock LEO mags $20 each
Thompson SMG magazines $35 each 3/$100
BM-59 NIW magazines $60.00 each
AR15 32rd magazines NEW Black or FDE $10 each
I have several other calibers and magazines. Can't list everything, can't bring everything. Send me an inquiry if you don't see it listed, I might have it and bring it if you want it. I don't mail hi-caps or ammunition to MA.
A lot of you know me from gun shows in New Hampshire. I'm very fair with my prices. With the stupidity on ammo prices since this CV stuff started obviously I'm not giving stuff away but I can't replace it either. You want it, I have it, you can't get it at Walmart any more. You don't have to pay shipping and have your name on mailing lists. I will not hold anything for anybody. First come first serve. Please don't criticize my prices. If you were selling it, your prices would likely be the same. I have to get up at 5am, set up between 6:00-6:30. . There is a gentleman who also sells ammo and magazines and sets up at Hollis, I don't know what he has. Also, a gentleman who sells ammo cans and other USGI surplus stuff. Come see me under a GRAY pop up!
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