Huge Stash Of Collectible Old Guns Found

Amazing find.
Whover the guy was, he loved M1 Carbines.

Third video with a bunch of S&W Revolvers.

I can't believe how he was getting aggravated with all the .357's and .22 magnums, I guess he doesn't really know much about these guns.
Those .22 Magnums were Model 53's, which are extremely rare, with less than 15k made between 1961 and 1974.
Although they're marked "22 Magnum", they're really .22 Remington Jet, which is like a .357 case necked down to .22 caliber.
The caliber itself wasn't very popular, and they were known to have sticking case ejection issues.
However, the NIB ones he has also have the factory cylinder inserts used to fire .22LR, which makes these even more valuable.
BTW, these guns have two firing pins (one for centerfire and one for rimfire) and a firing pin selector on the hammer similar to a T/C Contender.
A friend offered me a .44 Mag before he passed. He was hurt when I told him I was looking for a small cc pistol. What a stupid I am. Mint in the box with all the factory goodies if there were any.
I dont believe 98% of the shit on youtube anymore unless its a good instructional video. Its turned into nothing more than a spread your legs clickbait circus.......JMO

I was just watching this septic guy in NC. He had a story about a customer that tried to stick him with a 100K bill b/c he mucked with his pressure tank to get "more pressure" and then it blew up in his house. Because he watched a Youtube video on how to get more pressure from your well. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! So be careful even with those how-to YT videos.
Why would he post that?
Hes now a Target.

Just saw that nazi stuff... now he's a target of the ADL.
Was this behind the blue curtain?

Here, you'd take it home, find some place to store all that, sell off the meh stuff and keep the interesting stuff. At most, if they appear they might be stolen, run the numbers so you don't sell off a stolen gun and get hit with an e-ticket to a place I don't wanna go.
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