i guess not everything on reddit is lame (AR-15 lower)

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Jan 13, 2009
free hampshire
ripped right out of a post on their "guns" section:


About Us
We’re an 07/02 manufacturer out of Wisconsin. My brother started the business about 5 years ago manufacturing AR lowers and custom rifles. We start off with 7075-T6 80% forgings, and they are milled using original Colt blueprints. Everything except for our anodizing is done in-house, which is done for us by another company out of Green Bay, WI. He and I both are perfectionists and sticklers for quality, these aren't going to be half-assed shitty out of spec lowers.

The Lower
The original design came from a friend of ours that just wanted something goofy. It’s not exactly what gunnit’s original group buy design was, but this is what we had planned. If you don’t like it, too bad, take it or leave it.
This the original mockup pattern that we came up with, and this will be more or less the final product. The rollmark will have to be refined a little bit for production: http://i.imgur.com/X9OkF5h.jpg
This is the one-off we made that sparked the interest in /u/reddit_user_654321's thread: http://i.imgur.com/tWAPnH5.jpg. The rollmark on that lower is actually different than what will be on the Donkey Show lower. The blacked out part is our friend's trust's name, so that will also not be on the finished product.

The Deal
The rollmark needs to be refined, and we would also need cash to bankroll the project. After talking with my brother he agreed to sell the first 20 lowers at a group buy-in price of $95 + $8 shipping. Once a minimum of 20 lowers are paid for he can begin production. Regular price after the first 20 is $129 + $8 shipping. Once he has payment for the first 20 he can start production. After production starts you can expect them to start shipping in 6-8 weeks.
If you are interested send an e-mail to [email protected] with "Donkey Show Lower" in the subject.

Since this was our friend’s design we promised him serial #1, and my brother keeps serial #7 out of every model we make. If you want to request a specific serial number you can, but we can’t do custom numbers, and they must go in order. For example, if we make 40 receivers, you can request any serial up to #40 (except 1 and 7).
If you would like your name or your trust’s name engraved somewhere on the receiver in order to Form 1 it, we can do that by request. If you would like a complete rifle we can build it for you by request (including SBRs).
All local, state, and federal regulations, restrictions, and NFA laws apply.
I'll try to answer questions as well I can in this thread, my brother isn't a redditor, and I'm not as involved in the business as I once was.

He's received 7 emails so far, but doesn't have time to respond to them all tonight (guns don't pay the bills, he still works third shift part time). Everyone who has requested a specific serial number so far should get the one they requested. At least 13 more and we can continue.
[EDIT 2]

Just to clarify since there is some confusion, these are 100% finished lowers. They are firearms and you must be 21 to buy one, and they must ship to an FFL.

i emailed them because i can't resist something this stupid and i haven't spent a cent on myself since november. this is my reward.


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May 1, 2008
This is a go. They are accepting payments and will run them when all are paid for.

Who got in on this buy?
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Dec 30, 2013
Going into this knowing full well it could end in a shitshow and I could lose my cash.

I was told 4-6 weeks in a response I got today. But I also have yet to pay a cent, so we'll see how it goes. I got my little lady's lucky number, so her 9mm sbr might come to fruition sooner than anticipated.
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