Indianapolis city council votes in favor of banning 'assault' rifles, removing concealed carry


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Dec 13, 2006
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Mayor Joe Hogsett introduced the gun control measure, known as Proposal 156, as part of his public safety plan​

The Indianapolis City-County Council passed a proposed gun control measure by a vote of 18 to five Monday evening.

Introduced by Mayor Joe Hogsett as part of his public safety plan, Proposal 156 was initially approved nine to four by the city's Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee.

The ordinance increases the age required to purchase a gun in the city to 21 years old, bans "assault rifles" within city limits and mandates a license to carry.

"Tonight's Council votes on Proposals 149 and 156 prove that Indianapolis and its leadership won't back down from taking bold steps to protect residents and neighborhoods," Hogsett said in a statement. "I applaud the Council's bipartisan support for funding our partnership with U.S. Attorney Zach Myers, holding the worst of the worst offenders to account."

So let's see... You pair this law with the "zero bail" policy that says you cannot put somebody in jail for a non violent crime and that translates to "hey come on in and take everything you want". Progressive politics at its finest.
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