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Made contact with a U.S. Army aeronautical mobile this morning on 7.210mhz LSB.


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Sep 5, 2017
Operator's name was Jason, flying from Des Moines Iowa to Andrews AFB. His audio was typical narrow military sounding radio and his signal was 20db over S9 into SE Kentucky. He didn't mention his altitude or location but I'd guess he was at his cruising altitude and fairly close.
I was on an ICOM 7300 ( 100w output ) and a NVIS 40m dipole about 5ft off the ground.

This is my second contact with a military/ military type aircraft. The other was FiFi, the B-29 SuperFortress flying from Texas to Wiconsin on 7.215mhz a few years ago. Both contacts were had by accident just tuning the 40m band.
FiFi had hams calling from Texas to Canada and California to the Carolinas. I was running a kilowatt then and the aircraft was over Arkansas at the time so I guess I was strong enough to break the pile up.
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Dec 17, 2010
Somewhere along a river in NH
Very cool!

I used to work hams during down time when flying as crew in the Grumman E2-B Hawkeye. They had a pretty nice HF radio setup in there with a 300' trailing wire antenna.

Sometimes I would fly as a fire watch in the rear crew compartment as the only non-pilot crew member while the guys up front were getting flying time, etc. It would've been very boring if not for the Collins ARC-94 on board HF transceiver.
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