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WTT (Mass) 1990 Tantal AK Poland


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Apr 27, 2015
Location Newton/Waltham
Value in the $4000 range
Trades considered Tavor X-95 9mm - 223/556, very high end AR15 built on a pre-ban lower, 9mm AR15 preferably Colt, S&W and Ruger revolvers...

Description: A rare opportunity to own one of the finest AKs ever made, a Tantal. Only a very small # were imported and they'll never be seen again.
To compare: Polish Wz.88 Tantal AK74 5.45x39 Tactical 30+1 QuadRail/Polymer Furniture - Semi Auto Rifles at GunBroker.com : 907756786
1990 FBR Poland parts kit - surplus, they were unused.
Built by a Mass gunsmith on a Minnesota-made receiver and registered before the Healey ban in Feb 2016. For compliance, it has a fixed stock and pinned-welded muzzle brake.
Round count only a couple hundred.
Rust removed (by the gunsmith), additional tweaking done, it's beautiful and runs 100%.
Includes 7 x 30rd Izmash 'Izzy' pre-ban Soviet mags and bulk (~800rds) 5.45x39mm WOLF steel non-corrosive ammo. I have to dig through all my stuff and make a detailed list.
The entire gun and 1 magazine have been cerakoted black.
Crisp Tapco G2 trigger, wood furniture and the top handguard piece is high heat resistant polymer, nylon tactical 2-point sling.
Strike Industries optic rail with a $100 Bushnell red dot, or you can remove the optic and just use ironsights, as the rail device has a notch built it.
Very low recoil, but the gun is heavy.
Extremely accurate to 120m which is the longest range I have.


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