Need help identifying what model my smith and wesson revolver is.

Aug 16, 2023
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I just bought a smith and wesson .38 revolver. It does not have a model number behind the yoke like many other smith and wesson revolvers it instead has a series of numbers that does not match the serial number. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what model number it is and approximantly what year it was made. Thanks for any help.

Serial Number: 152 377
Caliber as marked on the barrel?

I THOUGHT it was a model 64, but the hole, screw or whatever it is under the cylinder release now leans towards a model 1917
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IMHO , Caliber not right for 1917 although Era is about right.
Half moon sight, knurled ejector rod and hooked hammer say pre model 10. K frame Hand ejector for sure. 38SW or 38Spl? Looks refinished in chrome? Grips are certainly from a later model k. Does it have 5 screws on the other side? Perhaps victory model?
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Take the grips off #1
List the number on the bottom of the butt section.
That gun was made between 1937 -48 going by that style ejector rod.
It will be a military and police model of 1905 4th change.
But you can call it a pre model 10 if it's
Thanks for all the replies and knowledge. Hopefully these pictures can provide some more relevant information. Also does anyone have an opinion of what it is worth I gave $300 for it. Thanks again.


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K frame with a V serial? That’s a Victory model revolver that someone has ruined (historically) by plating it.
Yep. Victory model. 300 isn't bad for a shooter. No collector value unfortunately. Shoot the light loads in this and have fun with it.
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