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New user, well, kind of

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Dec 23, 2015
New Vermont
I’ve had my Tech and GMRS for a number of years. I got both licenses for off roading and neberMRS is great truck to truck and HAM is better for when solo or in larger groups. I’ve been doing the bulk of my off roading in the southwest. So with vast distances, and mixing between solo and group travel I wanted amateur in order to reach out if I had to. Which one year I call in a substantial wildfire when it was still in its “infancy”.

With that being said, my two portables and mobile in my truck are all programmed for out west. Any suggestions on what I should be looking for around here? I’m mainly looking for a good network of repeaters. For example, Colorado has a network of repeater around the state that are all interlinked, so if I’m in Telluride I can reach Denver if I needed help.

Also what are some good frequencies to use on simplex? We always used the “National calling” frequency when using 2m/7cm
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