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Former Northboro Chief of Police Hutchins is running for Selectman. Northboro gun owners may wish to consider whether or not Mr Hutchins would adequately address their needs as a Selectman. While Mr Hutchins was the Northboro Chief of Police he refused to issue “all lawful purposes” (concealed carry) licenses to any applicant who’s job did not require such a license, even if the applicant met all state requirements for such a license.

Selectman have significant input as to who becomes the Chief of Police. Although the current chief, Mark Leahy, has not indicated that he is considering moving on and is not close to retirement (early 50s) this could change unexpectedly for many reasons – health, family, other offers, etc. In this scenario Selectman Hutchins would be part of the selection process for the next chief.

Citizen input and responsive selectman made gun licenses a factor in the selection process when former Chief Hutchins retired. His replacement, Chief Leahy, is issuing “all lawful purposes” licenses to those who meet state requirements for such a license. Would Selectman Hutchins be a dependable advocate for this issue? His record casts doubt on this.

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Some misinformation there GOAL CM.... Aaron Hutchins is the son of former chief. He is a self employed lawyer with an office in Northboro. He is a hard working guy with young kids in the school system and he's looking to get involved in the community he grew up in and where he is now raising his family. Next time I see him I will ask him where he stands on 2A issues. As a town selectman I dont see him having much impact in this area other than being involved in selecting a chief should that arise....
Wait, is the current chief good or not good? Isn't he getting sued by the Second Amendment Foundation and Comm 2A?
Yes the current chief is getting sued. I am betting the civilian records keeper helped get the chief in hot water. He has been known to say "the chief won't allow this" and never bringing the matter to the person that actually calls the shots.
Also, just to set the record straight - former Chief Hutchins did, in fact, issue "All Lawful Purposes" licenses to residents who DIDN'T have a job requiring one. I know, because he signed mine.

He did, however, require a face-to-face interview, in which he told me that "most citizens with concealed-carry license just end up shooting themselves...."


I'm quite happy that Mark Leahy is now in charge. Completely different attitude about lawful gunowners.
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