NRA Life Membership sale


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May 1, 2008
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I don't understand the purpose.

When you pay for these memberships you actually receive nothing of value. Live vs Patron vs Benefactor doesn't actually change anything. You may get a hat?
So you're not really purchasing anything. So when the NRA "discounts" a particular membership level they are just reducing the price on something that has no value to begin with.
I think someone mentioned that this was a "good deal".

If I sold you a sticker for $5 but and offered another very similar sticker for $500...then discounted it to $300 is it really a good deal? It's still just a sticker.

On the flipside: the value the NRA receives is your contribution. That has actual value (hopefully) and the memberships are (or were) a representation of your contribution.
So if you actually want to contribute, then contribute. If a life membership costs $1k then give them $1k. Why give them $250 just so you can seem like a life member who gave $1k?.

Just very strange for people to try and get "deals" on them contributing to a cause.

It's like if I wanted to donate to St Jude's cancer research...why would you want to contribute $250 to their cause just so you can tell people that you are in the same group of people who actually contributed $1000?
You aren't doing $1000 worth of good for $250. You are just able to tell people you are.

At the end of the day maybe it all works out and the NRA gets more money. That's fine.
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Dec 3, 2011
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Yes, but you get a snazzy yellow blazer for your $1M

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