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NRA Pistol Instructor Course - April 3-4


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May 31, 2013
Tactical Dynamics is offering an opportunity to become certified to teach basic firearms safety as an NRA Certified Instructor!

NRA Pistol Instructor Course

The 2-day NRA Pistol Instructor Course is intended for those who are interested in becoming firearms instructors. It is a great way to teach friends and family, and make extra money or start a new career as an instructor. This class will provide you the required certificate to become a State Police BFS Instructor. That allows you to teach and certify other people to get their MA Firearms License (LTC/FID)

It is required that the student attend a NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course as a student before they can register for this course. Tactical Dynamics is offering that course as well and here is a link to it: NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course. It is also required that the student bring an electronic device; laptop, tablet, etc, in order to view the electronic course material.

This course will cover the following:
  • Fundamentals of Basic Pistol Shooting
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude Essential to Firearms Instruction
  • How to Operate and Conduct the NRA Basic Pistol Course
  • How to Promote the NRA Basic Pistol Course
Once the classroom presentation is complete students will be able to fire live handguns at an outdoor range. Students will shoot a nationally recognized shooting qualification as well. Passing the qualification will be required for students to be certified as NRA Basic Pistol Instructors.

Use the links above for more information and to get registered. Check out our other classes at www.tacdynamics.com!
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