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NS 522 transfer - which manufacturer name?


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Dec 31, 2019
I have acquired a practically unfired NS 522 and planning on doing the transfer today. From what I understand it’s a Norinco, imported by Keng’s Firearms Specialty. Nowhere on the rifle does it say Norinco. It says NS on the butt pad, and the only things written on the receiver are the serial number, “made in China”, “imported by KFS”, and “model 522.” How would you guys fill out the transfer form? Norinco, NS, Keng’s Firearms Specialty, or KFS for manufacturer? And 522, Model 522, or NS-522 for model? When I google the gun what usually comes up is “Norinco NS-522”
I’m sure I’m overthinking this and it probably doesn’t matter, but figured I’d ask.
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