Obama shotgun pic FAKED. Here is some evidence...

I Don't think the picture is faked. I think the girl that makes these claims is way off base.

Agreed! I'm in photoshop almost every day and I don't see anything there that screams 'fake'. There is motion blur in his arms/hands that equals the amount of blur in the stock. The hand on the fore-end has an abborition equal to the amount of motion blur in other places...and there's a shadow playing into that as well. The thumb as seen thru the rib also has this blurred effect and yes, his thumb could very well be that long.
Idk wouldent it be easer to just take a pic with a rifle in his hands, i dont think it was faked but i cant rule out any stupidity by the government these days
I thought we were over this: no one gives a **** if its real. I don't give a s**t how many guns Mr. Obama has fired, he's still attempting to further infringe upon my (and his) second amendment rights.
I'm not convinced, especially after listening to her explain how having a good cheek weld will break your nose.
She needs to get laid.

It was originally a Great Divide from d'angelo's to cater to the fatties.
This. Obama could post a picture of himself eating cow shit and it would be on the menu the next day at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Obama could grab a baby from the audience, swing it, smash its head on a wall, then chow down on the quivering remains. The low information crack-head that voted for him still would.
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