Ode to a Grandfather and Mentor.

Greg Derr

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Aug 15, 2005
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Early this year a fine young man named Preston came to me with a request to build a Colt 1911 for him as a tribute to his grandfather. His grandfather is his best friend and they do a lot of stuff together like hunting, fishing and shooting. All the things grandfathers should teach their grandkids. He wanted something old school but with all the new school features. For this project he chose color case hardening for the frame and blue for the slide and small parts. He made the grips himself from a tree in his grandads yard. The same tree his grandad used to make a flintlock rifle stock- so the wood has history with the two. He did a great job for his first ever pair of grips. The Colt retains a reworked Colt barrel. The slide is flat topped and serrated with a Yost "gold line"front sight and a 10-8 rear sight. Classic serrations on the front strap and the Chen max bevel MSH. EGW thumb and grip safety. Nick did the polishing and bluing of the slide in house. The CCH was done by Bobby Tyler. I think young Preston will be surprising his grandfather for Christmas.




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Holy smokes. When we first met you told me you're in the business of making peoples dreams come true. You have done nothing but with this build and words can't describe how much this pistol means to me. It will be loved for generations to come. Here are my first shots with the gun. It's an 8 shot group and I can confirm I will never never be as accurate as this pistol. Notice the 1 inch group of 5 shots. Thank you again to you and your son for all the work and time you've put into this-- it's perfect.

Awesome shooting out of the gate, I hope you have it and and enjoy it for many years, thanks for being a great client.
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