Ok . One of these stupid NES polls. What is your next gun.

Probably something that shoots .410 as I have two uncommon .410's on my list and now Kel Tec is coming out with a .410 KSG.
I don't own a revolver or a bolt gun. So...
There's a vortex pulling me towards trap and skeet, so I've been looking at OU shotguns.

Then again I've always wanted a .50 cal, just because.
Or maybe it was a .40cal.
IDK I'm getting old and senile.
I’m going for a Glock 20 in 10mm.

Dude, I’ve been thinking lately about the most useful/versatile firearms I own. My Glock 20 is #1 on my list out of the hand guns I currently have. I wear it every time I’m in the woods or out in my pasture and it hangs out on my nightstand.

That being said, I’m due for a budget 300blk build for a truck gun. Already have most of the parts, but need to get my basement organized before I nail it together.

Next PURCHASED gun will probably be a S&W 629 or a Pietta 1873…because why the f*** not? Probably a bit down the road though because I’m broke as a joke between my mortgage and my tractor payment.
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