Ongoing $1000 Donations to Comm2A

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Mar 28, 2011
Hey Everyone,

For those of you who remember me from when I owned Precision Point Firearms, you probably remember some of the contributions I have done for the Massachusetts Firearms Community. Every February we would donate every single Cent from our $20 transfers for the entire month to Comm2A. Whether it was a monetary donation to Comm2a, or our involvement as a dealer plaintiff in the Draper v. Marsha/Healy Glock Federal law suit, I have always strived to assist the Massachusetts firearms community in any and all ways possible. Although I am no longer in the industry, I am passionate about this community and the rights of those in Massachusetts. That’s why I am going to be continuing with my support of Comm2a with my newest endeavor, real estate.

With the help of Derek and Brent Carlson, along with the support of my broker, There is now a way to benefit Comm2A for your next real estate transaction.

$1,000 Donation per transaction side on single family homes. List AND buy with me and I will include a $500 bonus for a total of $2,500 for Comm2A.

There is an ongoing assault on the rights of Gun Owners and Comm2A needs our support now more than ever. If 12 of you sell your house and move to a new one, that's $30,000 to Comm2A!

-Not looking to buy or sell but know someone who is? Send me your referrals and a $1,000 donation will be given to Comm2a upon the successful closing of their property.
-Moving to New Hampshire to rid yourself of our Draconian Laws? Want to help out one last time before you leave? I’m licensed there too.

Other properties (Land, Houses under $300k, rentals, etc) will be eligible for donations based on a sliding scale.
Additionally, If I do not provide service to your area or state, You can still help out. As we are a Global company, we can connect you with an agent anywhere in the world with our global relocation team. A commission percentage of any referral business to an area that I personally do not service will be donated as well. The $1,000 donation cannot be combined with any other incentive. Brokerage minimums apply.

Johnny Donnelly
Licensed in MA, NH, RI


That Guy
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Dec 17, 2009
Had to check the posting date twice when I saw this . Holy Necromember. Awesome of you to do this.

More incentive to move north
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