WTS Pre-Biden AR15 AR10 AR9 Lowers BNIB Stripped and Complete


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Feb 9, 2018
You guys know the drill, TPNES advertises lowers. FFL transfer on 4473 with valid LTC-A required. Cash, debit, credit all accepted. Prices below include sales tax/transfer fee and are the OUT THE DOOR price (plastic add 3% processing fee).
Aero EPC-9 Set Black$650
Aero EPC-9 Stripped Black$450
Aero M4E1 Complete Black$700
Aero M4E1 Complete FDE$750
Aero M4E1 Stripped Black$350
Aero M4E1 Stripped FDE$400
Aero M5 Complete FDE$950
Aero M5 PRS Complete Black$1,100
Aero M5 Stripped Black$500
Aero M5 Stripped FDE$550
Aero X15 Complete Black$600
Anderson AM15 Assembled Black$350
Anderson AM15 Complete Black$500
Anderson AM15 Stripped Black$250
BCM BCM4 Complete Black$900
Brownells BRN-4 (HK416) Stripped Black$500
Dirty Bird MCF-A Stripped Black$500
LMT MARS-L Stripped Black$900
MEGA GTR-3H Set Black$1,100
MEGA GTR-3H Stripped Black$600
MEGA GTR-3S Stripped Black$600
NFA C-9 Stripped Black$350
NFA G-15 Complete Black$500
NFA G-15 Stripped Black$250
Noveske N4 Stripped Black$600
PWS MK1 MOD 2-M Stripped Black$550
Quarter Circle AR-9 Colt Stripped Black$450
Radian AX556 Stripped Black$800
SOLGW M4 Complete Black$900
Seekins NX15 Billet Ambi Stripped Black$650
Shield Arms SA-15 Billet Stripped Black$300
SilencerCo SCO15 Stripped Black$450
Sionics SAR-15 No Stock Complete Black$800
Spikes Snowflake Colorfill Stripped Black$350
Spikes Thin Green Line Stripped Black$350
Spikes Thin Red Line Stripped Black$350
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