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Precision 22LR Match- January 9th- Reading MA

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Jan 31, 2018
Hello Everyone;

Our next 22 Precision Rifle match will be on Saturday, January 9th

Address: Reading Rifle and Revolver Association

62 Range Rd

Reading MA , 01867

Match Fee: $25.00 Cash at the match

Registration: 9AM

Match Begins: 10AM

Format: 10 Stages, 2 min/stage

If you have any questions about the match feel free to reach out.

Even if you have a single shot rifle or 5 round magazine we can have modified stages for you to try out if you'd like.

Engaging Steel Targets from 25-400 yards.

We have a moving target as well as spinners and other fun targets to engage.

Registration Link: Home | PractiScore

See you on the 9th

Dave Marshall

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Jan 9, 2020
Reading’s firing line and range that we use for these matches is still a little snowed in right now.
I’m not speaking for the guys that run it. Just letting you know what’s probably holding things up.
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