Pretty impressive when the left convinces gun owners to go after their own.

Please, tell us; what have the Republicans done when they controlled everything?
They shove their noses as deep in the trough as the Democrats and protect the BiPartisan Fusion Party at all costs. Both MFing Bushes, especially the "religion of peace" moron. And, locally, that's also what we got from Weld / Cellucci / Swift / Romney / Baker, even though they weren't controlling everything.

I really think we should go back to tar / feathers / running politicians out of town on a rail. Although you have to tar them when they're naked, and the thought of seeing our current "leaders" in that state is really distressing.
Please, tell us; what have the Republicans done when they controlled everything?

I will wait ...
Nothing... which is still better then what the democrats are doing. The options are inaction or an active group willing to try anything to f*** your rights away. Sounds like a hard choice. Sorry to keep you waiting.
I remain hopeful that we all remember that the Libertarian Party committed suicide in 2016 and is finished as a serious political party in this country.

Like it or not there remains only 1 possible way out of the uni-party abyss and that being MAGA. Flawed, sure, but it now remains as the only live round in the magazine.
Educate yourself as to what they do and have done for the past umpteen years about education and supporting shooting sports.

Or do you just want to argue?

What's that term in investing we hear so much..... past performance is no guarantee of future results...

Leadership within the NRA is a corrupt gaggle of hacks serving their own interests and not the interests of members. As others have said here, other organizations like Gun Owners of America, GOAL, and Comm2A are doing FAR MORE.

Just because the NRA did well in the past does not mean they are doing so now, or will as long as Wayne Lapierre and his gaggle of rich self-serving high-fence "hunting" hacks on the board are running that org.

The NRA has been irrelevant since Charleston Heston died. They're cowards. Orgs like Gun Owners of America lead the way on lawsuits, fighting for our rights. The NRA cowers in a dark corner, only throwing a little jingle at the cases that look like sure things and then marching in after others fought and won the case to declare victory.

This is the same NRA that was sucking off Trump as he banned and then confiscated bump stocks absent compensation. The same NRA that was sucking off Trump as he tried to advance Red Flag law WITHOUT due process cuz "it takes too long". This is the same NRA that was sucking off Trump while he was making Dianne Feinstein - literally - dance with joy as he advocated an assault weapons ban.


f*** the NRA.... The NRA is a paper tiger... We would be better off if gun owners took their money to Gun Owners of America....
Please, tell us; what have the Republicans done when they controlled everything?

I will wait ...
This is absolutely true, but to be fair the Dems were the same way when they had full control. Its like neither side wants to completely take over. They just want to preserve the status quo at all costs.
One more thing, here's Trump saying "the NRA said it was okay to ban this" in a town hall. The one good thing about Trump is he has no filter:

I’m a life member of NRA. Bought it years ago when I needed to be an NRA certified RO for my club and haven’t sent them any money since.

Current memberships in SAF, FPC and GOA - and keeping them current. These are the groups that are fighting for our rights.
I will never understand the idea that NRA is somehow entitled to my money simply by existing as a 2A organization. Especially in 2023 when there are far more options than ever before and plenty that better align with my values.

It is time for an NRA dumpster fire thread.
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