Review: "Armed Defense in the Home" class

Dec 21, 2013
Northborough, MA
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Last night I attended the "Armed Defense in the Home" class at MFS, and it was simply awesome!

"Mac" (Robert MacQuarrie; Franklin PD Training Officer) was the instructor for the evening, and he brought with him a wealth of experience, given his current position in law enforcement (including detective and SWAT/RRT background), as well as 10 years of service in the US Marine Corps.

It was an evening class, 6-10pm, and since I typically start my day at 4:20am, I'd wondered how I was going to cope with a 4 hour learning experience at the end. I can tell you, the 4 hours whizzed by, and I could've stayed for 4 more. Not only is Mac naturally extremely knowledgeable in this field, but he is also a very dynamic and entertaining speaker, and he continually involved us all in Q&As, and encouraged discussion throughout the class.

At the start he showed a bunch of news reports of home invasion incidents in different parts of the country, and also talked about some others - these all pretty much provided the foundation for the rest of the class.

The major topics he covered throughout the class were:

  • Lethal force (the elements of it, and justification for using it)
  • Aspects of the law that impact self defense in MA (including Ma GL Ch278 S8a [Castle Doctrine])
  • How your body reacts to the stress of a self-defense situation
  • Choosing weapons, ammunition, and gear for your self defense plan
  • Developing your home security plan (including tactics for: deterring invasion; dealing with an invasion if it occurs; dealing with the police if shots are fired)

Mac provided handouts of his presentation slides, and also brought along a heap of useful gear and gadgets for demonstration purposes, and for attendees to check out during and after the class.

All in all, it was thoroughly informative. And although this was obviously geared toward "armed defense", I think even people who don't want to keep a firearm at home will stand to get a lot of useful information from this class about how to reduce the vulnerability of their home to invasion.

Awesome class! I'm a range member at MFS, and also took my Basic Firearms Safety class there, and that too was great. They have an excellent set-up for classes, a wide selection of them (many more of which are taught by Mac), and I can't say enough positive things about everyone at MFS - all the instructors are fabulous, friendly, and helpful.

If you've ever thought about checking the place out, I'd highly recommend it. It's my happy place!
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I took the same class a year ago and also enjoyed it. I also took Mac's Conceal Carry I, I highly recommend that if you liked Armed Defense in the Home.

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Totally agree!! I really learned a lot in the Armed Defense in the Home class and Mac was an engaging speaker who got the class talking and thinking! I've been meaning to attend the Concealed Carry I class.... Group road trip??!!!!
Heard you asking a few questions in class. I was the guy in the front row with a pats hat and northface on.

Enjoyed that class as well. Mac is a great instructor/presenter
I am never the one to tell someone they are ready if an invader enters your home and attempt to do you bodily harm. If you believe you are ready, I suggest you get your home defense instructor or someone you have great respect for to review your home defense plan.
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