Road Rage goes very wrong!

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missed it by 13 min
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So, let’s add up the score:

What he got wrong

1. He’s an idiot -1
2. He clearly should not have pulled his gun - 1
3. He recorded himself - 2
4. He tried to shoot another idiot while they were driving on the highway - 2
5. He missed - 1
6. He found out the hard way that guns are loud - 1

Score: Negative 8

What he got right

1. He was wearing his seatbelt + 1

Score: Plus 1

Conclusion: Jackass was better off staying in bed that morning.
NES has gone completely soft.
It's completely obvious this guy was backed into a corner, drew his weapon at the last instant only to defend his life against an imminent threat.
That guy has to be what happens with in-breeding. You would to think people just couldn't possibly be that stupid.....
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