Roll pins used to secure an AR 15 front sight base


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Apr 9, 2012
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First upper I assembled was during one of the panics years back and iirc I couldnt find any taper pins. (or it couldve been that I didnt want to spend the extra few bucks on a reamer [laugh]). Im a little older, wiser and slightly less cheap now and the roll pins kind of bother me. I know its untraditional, or at the very least the mark of a cheap build, but is it worth it to have them replaced with taper pins? Do roll pins have any effect on accuracy, do they allow movement during recoil? Am I over thinking this?
If it holds a zero, it’s fine.

If you don’t know, or can’t tell, it’s fine.
Its been through a class at SIg and a handful of range trips since but I have to admit, it hasnt been out of the safe in a while.
Did anyone at SIG see it?
My thoughts
If it ever comes loose
Decide if buying the correct taper reamer and and the effort to do the work is worth it.
If coming loose is a worry a set screw would do the trick
If they did, they never mentioned it.
I can just see them
OMG thats not correct blah blah blah, lol
You can go all Match Rifle with a set screw base
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