S&W Shield with Crimson Trace Holster Problem SLOVED...


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Aug 5, 2006
Westhampton, MA. USA

Well as the Title says I solved the S&W Shield with Crimson Trace Holster Problem...

I was sick of trying universal holsters, other holsters that say they "are made" for the Shield with the CT laser or waiting till one was made by DeSantis...

I love Thumb Break Holsters and I carry my 1911's in DeSantis thumb break holsters, I carried my S&W M&P's in them also...

I was sick of waiting so I called DeSantis and asked when they were going to make one, they said they didn't plan on it right now... I asked if I could have them made and the said "Yes, the Custom Shop can do that"... So I ordered three holsters (one tan, two black), all lined (costs a little more for the lined, but I like lined holsters)...

They charged me the cost of the holster ($86.99 lined, $70.99 unlined) plus a $50.00 custom shop fee...

I just got them the other day (the wife took them right away and wrapped them for Christmas :) ) and they are amazing, very well made (as they always are) and they fit the gun perfect...

So if you want a holster for your S&W Shield with a CT laser call DeSantis and order one (or more), you will be happy...

DeSantis Home Page:


The TB Scabbard is here:


Or if you don't like thumb break holsters the "Mini Scabbard" is what you want... That's here:


The "Speed Scabbard" is the same as the Thumb Break Scabbard, just without the thumb break ( right side of page, 4th one down on right side)... That's here:


So call and order your holster, you will not be sorry...





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