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Jul 8, 2008
22 John H. Finley III Way, Suite 103 Framingham MA
Hello to all our Customers!

We at Saxonville Armory hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. We want to give you an update on recent changes being made here at the Armory as well as an update on inventory and some exciting new services.



As a Federally licensed firearms manufacturer and service provider to various local police departments, Saxonville Armory is proud to be an essential business under the rules promulgated by Governor Baker and will strive to make our contribution to support both our law enforcement and law abiding private customers for the benefit of the community as a whole. We are making changes to the shop and the customer experience to help keep everyone safe while still providing quality service and products to meet all our customers needs. We appreciate everyone complying with our new rules. We will reopen to walk-in customers this Wednesday the 29th with the following procedures in place:

Covid 19 Procedures for walk-in customers:
  • Consider making an appointment in advance to avoid unnecessary waiting. You can do that online by clicking here.
  • To enter our shop, you must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth as well as appropriate gloves. Here are the CDC recommendations.
  • Only one customer will be admitted at a time. Upon arrival, please ring the bell for assistance. If no customers are in the shop, we’ll open the door and welcome you in. If another customer is already in the shop, we will ask you to please wait in the hall and maintain social distancing from other customers.
  • While in the shop please stay behind the new plexiglass screens. We also ask that customers not handle products or touch surfaces unnecessarily.
  • We will perform reasonable sanitary wipe downs of affected surfaces before and after each customer visit.
  • Use of a credit or debit card is preferred.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to all customers to use as appropriate.
  • Click here to follow our FaceBook page for daily updates.

We have launched a new website that includes an online store where you can order any of our new CNC Gunsmithing services (details below), as well as anything we have in our inventory! You can buy now and pick up your order when the shop opens this week. Click here to go there now.

When we saw the writing on the wall, we purchased some range and duty 9 mm and 5.56 NATO ammo. We also have boxes of range 9mm, .40cal, 5.7x28mm and .45cal from one of our consignment customers. If you want to see what we have, click here.

Currently, we ARE doing transfers. The fee to transfer a firearm is $75. For this we perform a NICS check and complete the MIRCS FA10 form. The fee to transfer a frame or receiver is $45, which does not require completing the MIRCS FA10*.
Yes, we do charge more than most gun shops to provide these services. This is because I do not employ an hourly counter person and doing transfers takes me or Paul away from doing gunsmithing. We also charge $45 to perform a background check and use our computer to do personal transfers.

Paul Burke has joined me in creating a whole new category of gunsmithing services that are done using a 4 axis CNC milling machine. Paul hails from Canada and has a PhD in Engineering. We are just getting started, but already can mill any RDS (Red Dot Sight) pocket in virtually any slide, as well as milling custom features such as ports, serrations and lightening cuts. Click here to go there now.

Finally, I am putting a list of my gunsmithing services on the website. There are some changes to the prices as well as deletions and new services. Click here to go there now.

I look forward to seeing you all again (one at a time!) soon. Stay safe!



22 John H. Finley III Way, Suite 103, Framingham, MA 01701
[email protected]

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* A frame or receiver does not meet the definition of a firearm per MGL Part 1; Title 20; Chapter 140; Section 121.
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